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October 31 2017

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fuck depression

red velvet told me to be bold. to rock the world.


u kno ur a 90’s kid when u look at ur birth certificate and it says 1990-99  

my mother goes out of her way to say stuff that she knows will make me paranoid and upset she thinks its funny when i start crying and panicking


according to this quiz about my swearing habits, i am 23 years old. this is false. i am 20. buzzfeed has once again wasted two minutes of my life & didn’t even have the nerve to be accurate so thanks for nothing i guess

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they’re going trick or treating together!!!


my brain: ur dumb/annoying/ugly


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also im 90% sure i like my friends much much more than they like me and i feel shitty trying to talk to them bc i feel like they dont like me and im just being annoying and blahblah blah

not to be bitter but my stepdad constantly mocks me and demeans me and makes me uncomfortable to be outside my bedroom and encourages my mom to be even worse than she usually is and i hate him!


me, a POC, when I’m eating something spicy and it’s actually burning and I’m trying to hide it: Fire cannot kill a dragon

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Those photoshop classes paid off


full offense Adele’s music is so damn boring

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drawing isabelle fills me with peace ヽ(^◇^*)/



TIL A man tried to bungee jump off a 70-foot bridge in Virginia. He made his own 70-foot bungee cord by tying several bungee chords together. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that bungee chords stretch, and died.


“Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that bungee cords stretch,”

tbh i consider my mother an honorary white person




i’m made of cheese… and with ease.. i please

this is such a good fucking rhyme you’re all fucking stupid 

i’m really sorry for lashing out this way guys

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