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February 08 2018

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hi. i made a volcel pride flag.

the red stands for lust (that we battle with), the pink is love (any kind, romantic or platonic), and the purple stands for strength (strength to resist lustful thoughts and actions).

if you don’t respect volcels please just ignore this :/ i don’t want to see any hate.


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Me in 50 years

please dont send any more!! 


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some future boys, but with pink hair

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i know we joke, but there’s no such thing as a useless lesbian. we’re all good and some of us are just shyer/don’t know how to interact with girls due to most of us never having a model of how we should flirt with them. but that’s okay!! we’ll get there and grow and we’ll find a gf!!


me starting my text posts with ‘hey guys!’ knowing damn well none of my mutuals will ever interact with me and that one like i got was out of sympathy

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three days grace: pain .. cant get enough .. pain .. i like it rough

my 10-yr-old ass: 



animecore people PLEASE be careful about not rbing loli i have had to tell multiple mutuals about really obviously sketchy shit just today. like please glance at things before you rb them. ask urself:

  • does this person look young?
  • how much are they wearing? is their stomach and chest exposed? are their clothes designed to show off their stomach, legs and chest?
  • how are they posed? is their bottom or chest emphasized?

and then reblog after doing that. also… like it doesn’t hurt 2 be safe.. if something looks like it could be sketchy but u arent sure.. Dont take the chance.

a lot of this should be obvious and basic thought processes, but try to Think Before You Rb.

heres some graphics to make it easier! these are real things my mutuals have rbed!

ask yourself those questions with these images. they are all at the very least in poses that show/imply their bottoms or chests, and it’s bad.

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send me a ☆ for a blog rate!!


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Some of y’all need to learn how to draw something besides abs


So, with the death of another BLM activist, I think it’s really important to stop photographing and videotaping people doing activism. Like I know it feels really good for morale to watch a comrade snatch a confederate flag or punch a Nazi, but this documentation actively puts these people in danger, especially if they aren’t masked up and their names are everywhere.

there at multiple BLM (and other) activists that had to go into hiding after Cville because videos of them have gone viral, to the point of even their families not being able to get in contact with them. Even if you’re on the same side and you’re doing it for the “good guys”, just don’t. Don’t video faces, don’t ask for names at actions, don’t say names out loud to your friends. You don’t know who is listening.

Our morale building propaganda, is their evidence. These videos are the reason charges are brought against folks in Cville and these videos are why people are getting killed. Learn to use the word “unidentified” when talking about someone doing anything action related in any sort of media. I know a lot of us want to give credit where credit is due, but in these cases it puts these brave people at risk.

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